New Paint Kits Coming Soon!!!!

9” x 12” or 12" x 12"  $10
w/picture drawn and paint set (Paint pots, brush and mixing tray) $20

12” x 16” $12
w/picture drawn and paint set (Paint pots, brush and mixing tray) $22


1.Mini Canvas (4) with 3 brushes and paint $16 

2.Super Duper Art Kit: Construction Paper, drawing pad, scissors, glitter glue stick, colored pencils, oil pastels, Supertips markers, crayons, Crayola markers, brushes, glitter paint, glue stick $60 (2 left)
3.Watercolors 28 Colors w/watercolor pad  $24 (1 left)
4.Paint Pots set w/3 brushes and tray  $12 (12 left)

5.Construction Paper $7 (3 left)

​6. Acrylic paint set 12pc $14 (4 left)

7. 34 pc. acrylic paint pot set $14 (5 left)

8. 12 pc brush set $9 (6 left)

9. Sketchpad, drawing pencil & eraser $12 (2 left)

10. 16 pc watercolors (washable) $9

11. 6 pc watercolors (washable) $6

12. Clay Set-Model Magic, Modeling Clay & Air Dry Clay $20 (1 left)

Family Art Collage NEW!!!


Create a fun mixed media college with the entire family.

​Use the prompts that come with the kit and work in fun layers...paint, tissue paper, stamps, chalks, and more.

Kit comes with canvas, paints, tissue & scrapbook paper, crayons, chalks, 1 Sharpie, sequins, foam shapes, stencils.

Feel free to add your own special touches!

​Tutorial on Zoom link included with purchase

Painting Kits

Ooly Art Products​
32.Watercolor Set $33 (1 left)

33.Chroma Blend Neon Watercolors $13 (1 left)

34.Chroma Blend Circular Watercolor  Paper Pad $15

35.Watercolor Paint Pods $12

36.Poster Paints Paint Pods $12 (4 left)

​37.Chunkies Paint Sticks $14 (2 left)

38.Scented Glitter Gel Pens $12​ (4 left)
39.Erasable Unicorn Colored Pencils Set $11(1 left)

40.Un-mistake-Ables Erasable Colored Pencils $9

41.Graphite Pencil Set

42.Celestial Sketchbook $9

43.Color-in' Book Quotes & Sayings $5

44.Color-in' Book Enchanting Unicorns $8

45.Color-in' Book Cozy Critters $8

46.Scratch & Scribble Art-Safari $9

47.Mini Scratch & Scribble Art Fantastic Friends $5

48.Razzle Dazzle Gem Art Kit Llama $14 (1 left)

49.3-D Colorables Unicorn $8 (3 left)

50.3-D Colorables Dragon Shield & Sword $8
51.BFF Bracelet Erasers $4
52.Rainbow Unicorn Erasers $6.50
53.Ice Cream Scented Erasers $4
54.Unicorn Donuts Erasers $4
55.Ninja Erasers $4
56.Monster Erasers $4
57.Comic Strip Push Up Erasers $4
58.Stackable Heart Crayons $4 (6 left)

64 Railroad Avenue 

Sayville NY 11782



Now taking orders for Paint Your Pets!!!
Send me a pic of your pet (close up of head please-nice and clear really helps).
I will draw it on either 12 x 12 or 12 x 16 canvas and you pick up curbside at studio. Please allow 1 day for me to complete.
$25 each comes with paints set and 3 brushes

Mini Monet Art Studio

Wood Cut-outs $12 
Smiley Face   Cupcake   Mermaid   Circle   Heart   Football   Unicorn   T-Rex   Owl   Butterfly   Llama

        Paint set with 3 brushes $12 

Our Family Mixed Media $20

Comes with 12' x 16" canvas, paint, glue, brush, scrapbook papers, quote and instructions

Owl Mixed Media $18
Comes with canvas board, paint, brush, glue, cut out owl, construction paper, googly eyes, feathers, scrapbook paper & instructions

Recommended for ages 3 & up with supervision

Art Kits & Supplies Available to Purchase  

 (while supplies last)
To order:

1. send an email or FB Messenger with order request
2. I will then send you confirmation of order and payment info -I use Venmo @MiniMonetSayville-sorry but no cash payments at this time (can also use PayPal)
3.Pickup times will be sent
Asking for customers to call the studio when you arrive (can pull right up front) and we will bring your order to the car! 631-218-9797
4.Please post your projects on the FB page or Instagram-tag #minimonetsayville

Art Kits
.Beading Kits $10 (4 left)
14.Loom Band Kit $12 (3 left)
15.Process Art Kits w/homemade play doh $10 (5 left)
16.Under the Sea Theme Process Art Kit $12 (1 left)
​17.Rainbow Theme Process Art Kit $12m(5 left)

18.Dinosaur Theme Process Art Kit $12 (1 left)

19. Unicorn Theme Process Art Kit $12 (2 left)
20.Wooden Mannequin Design Kit $24 (4 left)
21.Paper Mache Elephant Kit $15 (2 left)

22.Rainbow Playdoh $5 
(Ingredients: Flour, water, vegetable oil, cream of tartar, salt, liquid watercolor)​
23.Rainbow Playdoh w/glitter and unicorn in container $8
24. Playdoh with fun toys for making critters (like Mr. Potatohead) (1 left)

25.Playdoh Playset on Tray with cutters and clay tools $14 (1 left)
26.Playdoh w/cookie cutters in bag $8 (3 left)
27.Finger Puppet Kit $10 (1 left)

28.Wooden Dino kit with markers $3

29.Wooden pirate model kit $6

30.Wood Lizard to paint & decorate $4

​31. NEW!!! Funky Aquarium $20-use a photo of yourself for the backdrop. Comes with plastic aquarium, colored gravel, Model Magic, Shrinky Dinks, oaktag, glass gems, beads, pipe cleaners, pompoms, foam sea creatures.