Art Kits
Beading Kits $10 (4 left)
Loom Band Kit $12 (3 left)
Process Art Kits w/homemade play doh $10 (5 left)
Under the Sea Theme Process Art Kit $12 (1 left)
​Rainbow Theme Process Art Kit $12m(5 left)

Dinosaur Theme Process Art Kit $12 (1 left)

Unicorn Theme Process Art Kit $12 (2 left)
Playdoh with fun toys for making critters (like Mr. Potatohead) (1 left)

Playdoh Playset on Tray with cutters and clay tools $14 (1 left)
Playdoh w/cookie cutters in bag $8 (3 left)
Wooden Dino kit with markers $3

Wooden pirate model kit $6

Wood Lizard to paint & decorate $4

Ooly Art Products​

Chroma Blend Circular Watercolor  Paper Pad $15 (2 left)

Watercolor Paint Pods $12

Poster Paints Paint Pods $12 (2 left)

​Chunkies Paint Sticks $14 (1 left)

Scented Glitter Gel Pens $12​ (1 left)
Erasable Unicorn Colored Pencils Set $11(1 left)

Un-mistake-Ables Erasable Colored Pencils $9

Switch-eroo Color Changing Markers

Yummy Scented Glitter Gel Pens

Graphite Pencil Set

Celestial Sketchbook $9 (4 left)

Color-in' Book Quotes & Sayings $5 (1 left)

Color-in' Book Enchanting Unicorns $8

Color-in' Book Cozy Critters $8

Scratch & Scribble Art-Safari $9

Mini Scratch & Scribble Art Fantastic Friends $5

Razzle Dazzle Gem Art Kit Llama $14 (1 left)

3-D Colorables Unicorn $8 ( out of stock)

3-D Colorables Dragon Shield & Sword $8

Over the Rainbow Temporary Tattoos
BFF Bracelet Erasers $4
Rainbow Unicorn Erasers $6.50
Ice Cream Scented Erasers $4
Unicorn Donuts Erasers $4
Ninja Erasers $4
Monster Erasers $4
Comic Strip Push Up Erasers $4
Stackable Heart Crayons $4 (6 left)

Wood Cut-outs $12 
Smiley Face   Cupcake   Mermaid   Circle   Heart   Football   Unicorn   T-Rex   Owl   Butterfly   Llama

        Paint set with 3 brushes $12 

64 Railroad Avenue 

Sayville NY 11782



Paint Kits 

Kits come with Predrawn canvas, paints, brush, paper plate

8 x 10 $15

12 x 12 $20

12 x 16 $25

Art Kits & Supplies Available to Purchase  

 (while supplies last)
To order:

1. send an email or FB Messenger with order request
2. I will then send you confirmation of order and payment info -I use Venmo @MiniMonetSayville-sorry but no cash payments at this time (can also use PayPal)
3.Pickup times will be sent

4.Please post your projects on the FB page or Instagram-tag #minimonetsayville

Mini Monet Art Studio