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Please note-Mini Monet does not issue ​refunds for any of our classes. Students are allowed ONE missed class due to illness or emergency only!!!  Students may attend a different day of class they are registered for (must notify the studio ahead of time). If we do not offer a similar class during the week, we will offer a make-up day at the end of the 4 or 6 week session.We must be notified PRIOR to missing class with either a phone call or email. Without notification, no make up will be issued. If you do not contact us within a week of missing class then a makeup will not be issued. Credits will be issued on your account. It may only be used for other classes or events. It cannot be used to purchase merchandise.

***Please note that we need at least 3 students for a class to run, classes may be cancelled in the event of no sign-ups

Mask policy as of September 1, 2021. While it is not mandatory for businesses to enforce masks, we do ask that children wear masks while walking around the studio. Once seated-2 per table and tables spread apart, children may take off their masks. Please understand that this is our best solution to keep everyone happy.



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Please make note of the age requirements for each class! CLASSES ARE ALL DROP OFF

**NEW!!! Hogwarts Castle Designer House - Grades  2 & Up

Take a wooden castle and create an amazing Hogwarts Castle. Students will design the inside and outside of the building. They will create their own furniture out of recycled materials.

Make With Me Process Art Class 45 minute sessions best 14 months to 5 years 
‘Make With Me’  helps parents and caregivers get out of the house to make the most of their kids’ early learning years by incorporating art, socialization and sensory play.  These process-art based sessions will guide parents and kids through different themed and seasonal projects and crafts utilizing a host of materials allowing your child to explore art in an open-ended, unstructured way. For children art is a wonderful form of expression as well as discovery and these classes will make purposeful play doable for all little artists!

Listen to Your Art Storytime Fun Ages 2-5
‘Listen to Your Art’ classes will get children exploring the world of art and creation by giving them a hands-on experience while exploring their imagination!
Each session will kick off with a story-time and a chat about the illustrations. After that we will create a project similar to our story. During these classes children will be  introduced to different styles of art, variety of materials and textiles, and the freedom to create and explore!
45 minute sessions 

Adventures in Art - Grades K-1, 1-2, 3-5

Come along on the adventure. Our projects include the use of various mediums such as acrylics, watercolors, oil & chalk pastels, markers and more. We will be painting, printmaking, collage-making, sculpture and more while studying famous artists, art history, art from around the world and our love of animals. A perfect class for budding students looking to delve into their artistic voice.


Drawing & Painting Skills - Grades 3-5

 A two-dimensional exploration for young artists using an assortment of media and materials. The class is designed to prompt creativity and confidence while focusing on developing skills and techniques. 

Drawing & Painting Skills - Grades 6-12  Developing artists  in this class will benefit from guided  instruction focusing on technique and skills in drawing and painting , including utilizing the elements and principles of art in composition and layout . Class sessions will provide the students with multiple  opportunities for exploration and handling of various materials. Through observation and study, process and projects the students are assisted in further developing their knowledge, experience and personal style.

Drawing Cartoon & Comic Book Characters for Kids Grades 2-6
Join Johnny as he takes students back to basics with creativity & a pencil!
Using light guidelines to design cartoon faces with different expressions drawing eyes, eyebrows, noses & mouths.
Drawing very simple shapes students will learn to draw cartoon body dynamics.
Students will create their own story. Johnny will guide students to draw their comic strip placing their character into 2-4 panels. 
Students will use speech bubbles, captions, & backgrounds to enhance the comic strip.
Students will be able to ink their story with a black marker.
Coloring their story will be encouraged!

Advanced Cartooning & Exaggerations

Grades 6 & Up
Join Johnny as he encourages students to take their artistic talents to the next level.
Each student will be given an ongoing cartoon strip assignment. 
Students will choose a character(s) to put in a 4-page cartoon strip story.
The story may be dynamic, dramatic, sad, happy, etc.
Johnny will remind students of the comic strip technique. 
(Expressions, body posture dynamics, panel design, speech bubbles, captions, & backgrounds)
Students will be able to ink their story with a black marker.
Coloring their story will be encouraged!

Sculpture & Clay Building Grades 3 & Up

Students will explore basic hand building techniques in clay, create figures using Model Magic, and build funky sculpture projects. We will be using air dry clay, Model Magic, paper mache as well as cardboard to create awesome works of art.

Designer House Fun Grades 2 & Up
Each student will receive their very own wooden dollhouse to design. We will be working on blue prints to create a building that could be Bakery, Hogwarts, Candy Factory, Pet Shop, Beach house, Art Museum, whatever students can imagine! We will be painting the inside and out, creating our own wallpaper, creating furniture from recycled materials and accessories. Always a huge favorite with the kids!!!

Fiber Arts Fun for Tweens- Grades 4 & up 

Students will enjoy sewing, weaving, printmaking, and even tie-dying.