Mini Monet Art Studio

122 & 128 Main Street

Sayville NY 11782




Every student that registers MUST have a registration form and waiver submitted (if you have already attended class or camp this school year then this is not necessary).  Parents must fill out complete form and sign the waiver. 

Please copy and paste the forms, sign, and either scan and email to  Forms MUST be received prior to start of classes.

STUDENT NAME__________________________________________________

CLASS(S) ATTENDING_______________________________________________


Grade entering Fall 2021____________

Parent Name ____________________________________________________




Emergency Contact (other than registering parent)____________________________________________

Emergency Contact Phone________________________________________


Any other medical conditions or any other pertinent information______________________________________________________________



We are a nut free studio. Students will be bringing in nut free snack (2 hour camp) or nut free lunch (3 hour camp). Please include a water bottle!


Payment must be paid in full at time of registration
No refunds allowed. You may cancel your registration and receive a STORE CREDIT if we receive notice at least one week before the camp starts.  Once a camp has started no refunds, studio credit, or makeups will be issued. If you do not show up to camp and do not let us know, your registration can sadly not be refunded. We put a lot of though and energy into each class and prepare for each spot. 

Parents will drop off outside the studio. Once class begins, our doors will be locked. For camps that are 3 hours, students will bring a bagged lunch and water bottle. 2 hour camps students will bring a water bottle. We will be bringing students for 1/2 lunch (3 hour camp) and a 15 minute break for (2 hour camp) unless inclement weather

A waiver and registration form will be emailed to you after registration.

By signing this agreement, the parent/legal guardian agrees to hold harmless MINI MONET SAYVILLE, INC. and all MINI MONET SAYVILLE, INC. staff from any claims, damages, losses and/or expenses arising out of participation in class or camp activities and to assume all liability for any and all personal injury, bodily injury, illness or property damage that occurs as a result of participation in such activities. The parent/legal guardian also warrants that participation in this camp is voluntary and that the camper and the parent/legal guardian understand the inherent risks involved in camp activities, and the camper agrees to obey all rules and policies mandated by MINI MONET. 

* MINI MONET SAYVILLE, INC. does not hold a childcare license, nor do we need to for the type of programming we do.

In efforts to provide the safest class experience here at MINI MONET SAYVILLE, INC. we have a sign in and sign out station for parents or guardians to use. Each drop off we ask that you sign in and out so we can easily manage our students and their contact information. Thank you for keeping it a safe place to create!

I give permission for photos to be taken and used for posting on social media yes_____ no______

SIGNATURE OF PARENT__________________________________________________

PRINT NAME___________________________________________________

NAME OF CHILD ATTENDING_________________________________________